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Review : Deep Under by Lisa Renee Jones


Although this is part of a series it’s more of a standalone that follows on from a series with some history of why and what as the book progresses. I have to say I enjoyed the story and even though this was the first book I have read by this author and not knowing what happened in the previous books I enjoyed it enough to give 4 stars. 

Throughout, the story threatens a dark undercurrent that implies more than it actually gives you, which I was actually alright with as it doesn’t take much to imagine what life would be like being held by the head of a drug cartel that also trades in sex trafficking. This is what Myla the female lead in the story has had to deal with for the last year, being held captive by a sinister and dangerous man, Michael Alvarez. Instantly Alvarez took a particular interest in Myla and she didn’t have any choice in what happened next and was abducted by Alvarez. Myla doesn’t see any way to escape and get herself out of Alvarez’s clutches but by him allowing her to work she is at least getting the slightest glimmer of space and freedom from him. Even if it isn’t truly freedom it is dramatically different from how she has been treated up until now.

Going undercover is Kyle’s speciality. A former FBI agent that is now part of the Walker security team he is determined to get at least two things out of his newest assignment, 1) get Myla out and 2) to get Alvarez, alive or dead it doesn’t really matter as long as he gets Myla first. Taking on this under cover op he knows he is going to be guarding someone important to Alvarez but he can’t believe his eyes when it is as he hoped and he comes face to face with Myla. One huge issue is that Myla doesn’t know Kyle at all and has no reason to trust him or anyone else. Kyle knows who Myla is as he has been searching for her since Alvarez staged his and her death so that Myla’s sister and others would stop looking. Myla’s sister Kara is not just a friend and colleague of Kyle’s she is like family to him. So this is more than just a job for him, it is extremely personal.

There is an instant connection and chemistry between the two main characters and the book builds on the tension between them. Both of them are taking a gamble with trusting in the other as they could be risking their lives if their instincts are wrong and either one of them is not what they say. Kyle has built a persona for Myla in his head and over the past year he has thought of her constantly so automatically he is drawn to her. She is familiar to him and he wants her in his arms. Myla has never felt for anyone what she feels for Kyle. Her body has never responded to anyone’s touch like it does to his but she doesn’t know if she can trust her emotions. The only way she managed to survive was by shutting herself off and keeping her feelings hidden deep inside but sometimes risks need to be taken. Myla is brave and has endured terrible things but she is still able to show that she can be feisty and spirited.

“He hasn’t destroyed me. He hasn’t beaten me and I don’t like that you think he has.”

There wasn’t much from other characters in the book but what I did get made me want to find out more about their stories. There was a lot of build up in the story of what could happen thus increasing the tension and suspense that kept you reading with a sense of dread and trepidation right to the end. Alternate points of view are given throughout which was good as both Kyle and Myla were masters of not displaying emotion to others.

I did enjoy reading this book but do think that if I read the other books before this one I might have enjoyed it more. Having more of the back story might have made me feel more for the other characters and understand just how emotional it was for them all including Kyle. As I’ve said the book was good enough that I gave it 4 stars and I wanted to know about the others so much that I have just went and purchased books 1-3 of the series so I know I’m going to be reading more from this author.