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Review : Dirtiest Secret by J. Kenner


Unbelievably this appears to be the first book that I have read by J. Kenner and I KNOW you are as surprised as I am. This was definitely as good a place to start as any with what for me was a great 4 star read.

I started this book thinking that by the first few pages I had Dallas Sykes figured out as the dirtier and sexier modern day Gatsby. Everyone knows him as the richest playboy around that threw the best parties for the who’s who but gave amazing private parties to the lucky women he selected to have sex with. Notorious for his boudoir skills, he is named the King of F*ck for a reason, and that was just how he liked it but it is a shame that it was all just an act. This was a front that he really wanted people to believe, plucking random women from his parties and entertaining them privately was all for a greater cause.

“Dallas felt his body tighten with need. With desire. But only for release. He didn’t want either of these women. Not really. There company, yes. The escape they offered, sure. But them?
Neither was the woman he craved”

Dallas was a character that I was unsure of at the start but he melted my heart the more his own heart was exposed. A far cry from his public persona Dallas was struggling with his own demons that stemmed from being kidnapped when he was only fifteen. He wasn’t taken alone though as along with him his step sister/adopted sister (the lines are blurry she’s not really his sister at all). Jane was kidnapped along with Dallas and struggles with her own guilt from that time. They only survived the trauma by having the other there. However what happened only drove them to stay apart from each other after the fact.

Jane and Dallas have a strong pull towards each other and a chemistry that is off the charts but they know it’s a nonstarter due to the sibling relationship they were pushed into. The heart wants what it wants though and they fight to stay apart. There was a part of me that worried that I was going to get fed up with the will they won’t they. How they want to, but can’t be together. But luckily it was just shy of being too much for me.

This was a deeper story than I thought it was going to be as there’s a lot of emotions that the characters had to work through because of their attraction, what they had done and because of what had happened to them. It is not a light read by any stretch and not everyone will be comfortable with reading it. 

The love Dallas and Jane feel for each other means they are no longer able to stay apart like they had managed to for the past few years. Dallas and Jane HAVE to confront what they feel and what impact it will have on their family. This intriguing romance is surrounded by lots of unanswered questions that they need to know the answers to. Who was behind the kidnapping and why, is something that will hang over them and they need it resolved. 

I really enjoyed this book and was hooked with the forbidden romance, mystery and suspense throughout. Do not read this book thinking that you will have it all figured out by the end as you won’t. I’m not great with cliff hangers as I’m not patient when waiting to find out what happens next in a story and I am no different with this, I can’t wait to find out what happens and what twist and turns are in store in the next book. Fingers crossed we find out soon.