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Review : Fate and Forever by Sophie Jackson


This is very short novella following Sophie Jackson's A Pound of Flesh Series where we get to catch up with Carter and Kat, Max and Riley. This story although short is funny, flirty, passionate and emotional. If you haven't started this series you will want to. It's an amazing read.

Kat and Carter finally get married. But for the newlyweds it's not all smiles and rainbows. As they settle into the joyful haze of nearly-newlywed bliss, all their friends seem to be one step ahead. Everywhere they turn, couples are becoming parents, and the longing in Kat’s eyes worries Carter. What if she gets baby fever…and he’s not so sure? He had better figure it out soon…because Kat just told him she needs to take a pregnancy test.

Kat and Carter are a sweet and sexy couple. I love the heat they bring to the pages. They are the couple we love to hate and envy their relationship. And wish that they can work out and stay together. I'm not going to lie I cried a few little tears for them.

We get a little update on Max and Grace that I won't spoil for you. And you definitely will be looking forward to following Riley his story will continue on the next book.

4 Stars .... A great Read

Reviewed by : Deanne C.