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Review : Fear Us by B.B. Reid


BB Reid is on fire ! The Broken Love Series has to be one of my favorites .  Fear Us fast forwards four years and the gang is no longer all together .  Keenan disappeared , while the others went to college , the military or to learn the family business .  There is a surprise new person that joins this book from the start .

Fear Us deals with Sheldon and Keenan re-connecting due to circumstance , not by choice .  Keenan is no longer the boy we knew in the previous books .  He is now a man with a very hard edge , a lot like Kieran .  You could say Keenan learned from the best .  The gang ends up working together to solve mysterious disappearances and confronting their pasts .

Fear Us has a lot of twists and turns I didn't see coming and kept me on the edge of my seat .  I couldn't put this book down and have neglected the outside world yet again reading .  BB Reid has a great gift in her storytelling and dealing with real world situations .  Keep one - clicking this series or buy the boxed set .  You won't regret it .  This has to be one of my favorite series in a long time .  Status :  Still on a Book Hangover .  Definitely a FIVE STAR book !

Reviewed by Jennifer M.