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Review : Fearless by B.B. Reid


Holy Smokes !  I'm feeling so many emotions from this series and Fearless in particular !

The whole gang is together in Fearless and more murder and mystery surrounds them .  I love the twists and turns this story takes .  I wasn't prepared for the avenues it went down and I loved every minute of it !  Lake and Kieran are once again main characters in this book but I have to say , Lake really impressed me .  She really showed the strength she had in her all along , just unleashing it at the right time .  Lake has grown and transformed into a strong young woman just as Kieran has grown in his own ways .

BB Reid has done a fantastic job with this series !  BB is one of my favorite new authors and I look forward to reading more from her .  Fearless is a MUST read as is this series .  I'm so excited for everyone to discover this series !  You won't be sorry .  This is the next book hangover you've been looking for !  FIVE STARS all the way !

Reviewed by Jennifer D.