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Review : Hook by Elisabeth Grace


5 Hooker-tastic Stars! 

Yeah I just said Hooker-tastic. Never thought I would come up with such a word. But wow this book.  I finished it minutes ago and I can still feel the urge to press next page next page and nothing is happening I want MORE!

What would you do for your children? 


I loved how we meet Emily aka Brandi, she is a strong fighting women who has more gumption in her pinky then most people will ever have. She is fierce and loyal and most of all a mother to an incredible little boy who needs more than most. So that she can provide it for him she does anything necessary for that to happen. So what if she gets paid to sleep with men, It’s a job just like any other only .. she gets paid a heck of a lot more than just the regular old Joe who owns a bar. Just because someone uses their body to make money does not make them weak or uneducated. 

Emily is a character I have a lot of respect for maybe because I am a mother with a son who needs more than most, not the same as hers but it’s a common understanding. You would do and say anything to put your children first. I have no judgement for how she takes care of her son.

Marco comes in to the picture this hot Italian man you just want to get down and dirty with. But no, no you don’t expect him to be so patient. I love this about him, just because he pays for a women’s time and body doesn’t mean he gets to be a bastardo as he calls it. 

He’s a formidable business man and knows what he wants and will get it at any cost.  Even at the expense of others but he is sly about it you don’t really see it so much as feel it.  

Watching how Brandi gets under his skin was fun and funny he wants more from her but to her he is a pay check and she has to keep it separate. 

These two together is explosive. And when her life is in danger and Marco comes to her aid. I love how lines get blurred it’s an incredible story of finding what you didn’t expect. 

Also Daniel steals the show as most 9 year old boys do. Watching him show his mom that it’s okay to be a kid and to not worry so much is sweet and makes you smile more than once. 

Here are some of my favorite quotes you had to know they were coming! 

“It should matter not what you do for a living. You are still a woman, are you not?” – Marco

“You’re mine. Do you understand? I don’t care what your ------- job is. You.  Are. Mine.” – Marco

“Baby girl, you are looking F-I-N-E this evening.” – Leroy bodyguard

“Even the angel has a devil that sits on his shoulder.” – Marco

And can I just say that was sooo mean that Cliffy!! I want more!