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Review : How to Save a Life by Kristin Harmel


OK let's start by saying WOW .... I loved this book, it was so different than what I thought it would be and that is always such a treat. 

At the start I was apprehensive thinking how I was going to feel reading what I knew was going to be an emotional read but as I got more into the story I fell in love with every little piece of this book. 

It's very emotional, heartwarming and inspirational. I was crying so much I swear my eyes were swollen the next day. How to Save a Life was very well paced and well written, a must add to you e TBR favorites.

Jill is a 39 year old Oncology nurse who has just received a devastating prognosis, being a nurse she knows exactly what the ramifications are. Dedicating her whole life to her work, Jill now wishes she had more time to find love, a family and make up with her dad. Finding comfort in the least likely of places .. her favorite patient Logan, these two share a secret together which brings her on a heartbreaking and joyful journey where she learns how to life in the face of death. The journey of Jill and Logan is one that will leave you reeling and words are just not enough to explain the emotions it brings up. This is one read that needs to savored and absorbed. I suggest you settle in and get ready to read a story of strength and courage. 

5 stars absolutely loved it.