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Review : Hummingbird by Kasey Millstead


A powerful read that eloquently brings to light a sensitive and difficult subject matter. It will make everyone who reads it stop and think and hopefully be conscious of their own behavior. 

Belle is the target of relentless bullying in school and blatant indifference at home. Every single day is a struggle, to get up, get dressed, face the day. It breaks the readers heart reading her experiences and how cruel people can be. 

Xander .. he comes into Belle's life when she least expects it. So used to hate she is blind sided by his kindness. Together they share special moments that make this beautiful girl's life a little more brighter. 

The twist that happens will hit you out of left field and be prepared to be shocked when you read it. 

This is a book parents should have their teenagers read .. and open a dialogue with them on the issue. 

Kasey Millstead did an exceptional job in putting forth a read that will leave you feeling, thinking and hopefully being more mindful.