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Review : Ladies Man by Katy Evans


Having not read any of the other Man Whore books I wasn’t really sure what to expect and I have to say I was thrilled with what I got to read. This book was a 5 star read for me and if the other books are as a good as this I will be happy to back to the start of the series and read them all. I have to say that I didn’t feel that I was really missing anything by not having read the other books first because of the way the story focuses around the main characters and explains any extra information quite well.

Of course with the title of Ladies Man you expect a charming player that we can’t resist in wanting and that is what you get. Tahoe Roth is a wealthy playboy that loves to have fun and has women flocking to him as soon as he appears and he doesn’t deny them what they want, well not usually, not unless they are Gina.

“his smile is so contagious and comes so easily. I’ve never seen a guy smile as much as he does. It’s an irreverent smile, a mocking smile, because really, Tahoe never seems to respect anything.”

Gina had previously turned Tahoe’s offer down so she was shocked when he declines her offer of one night and instead has to watch him walk away with other women. Over time she starts dating Trent but it might not be what she really wants and has some hesitations with him. During this time though there is a strong bond that develops between Gina and Tahoe and they become close friends.

“Cuddling and a warm bed…friends do that, too, right?”

Watching the friendship develop was quite good to read as you saw the doubts and frustrations it caused for Gina and you felt the inner struggle she was having. To be honest, there was no way that you ever saw her develop anything with Trent as he wasn’t a strong character in the book at all. It was good to see that she didn’t judge or criticize Tahoe or become bitchy about his manwhoring ways but accepted it like an adult and a friend. It was like watching two of your friends who you know want each other for more than just sex as they have a deep connection but that they couldn’t quite seem to get it together. We learn more about why Tahoe is who he is and see how he helps Gina realize who she is too.

If you’re going to read expecting lots of sex (as I said I haven’t read the other Man Whore books but the title somehow implies they will have lots of sex) then this is not really what you’ll get. Yes, there is sex in the book and at times it is quite sexy and hot reading but I feel that there was more to this book as it was more about the connection between the characters and what they meant to each other and what they were afraid to lose.

At the very beginning of this book there is a playlist and there are more songs mentioned at certain parts of the story and while I read I listened to that music and for me as a person who loves music and the different emotions it can illicit anyway, I felt that it worked amazingly well. The different songs and their lyrics added to the story and gave an enhanced mood to go along with what you were reading.

As I’m sure you’ve grasped by now I loved the characters in this book and how they develop because of the amazing writing and storytelling. The whole book is written from the perspective of Gina but that doesn’t mean that you can’t understand Tahoe and get into his head a little. When he opens up to Gina and through the conversations he has with Gina your heart hurts for him and you get to understand him. Without a doubt I’ll go back and read the other Man Whore books before the next installment in the series comes out next year as I’m already anticipating it.

Reviewed by Louise G.