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Review : The Matchmaker's Playbook by Rachel Van Dyken


5 Wingtastic Stars!

As a fan of this talented author, I thoroughly enjoyed the wit she brought to this novel along with all her books.

The male prospective with this book was fresh and crude and well totally male. A great balance of fun and serious, let’s face it we all love a little of both I know I do.

When you have to pause and take little moments, you come back to it with a smile on your face like you’re with friends again, the best kind of friends.

Ian Hunter is one part of the Wingman Inc along with his best friend Lex. A former NFL recruit all round sexy fun loving ladies’ man, he is very much a player, an all round lover not a fighter type. I’ll take one please! The secondary characters such as Gabby his girl bestie, we amazing as well and a pleasure to read about. All the characters play big rolls in this book and remind him that he’s not alone surrounded by people who care for him.

The dynamic between these three will having you laughing to the point of tears, yep pick me. Gabby and Ian remind me of a brother / sister team, she needs him and he needs her. I am telling you the comic relief in this book is off the charts. Gabby and Lex these two I swear they are going to tear each other limb from limb or end up in bed together, I am thinking the ladder wishing we could be around to watch that drama.

We then meet Blake, Gabby’s newest roommate.

Blake is a shy but strong character and I loved watching her become herself. I also loved how she puts her own spin on things. For me I thought she was hiding behind grief and maybe a little self-esteem issues from the past. Understandable considering what she’s been through. She is ready to shed the old for the new (for the most part, those flip flops!) and she ends up hiring Wingman Inc. to help her get long time crush David to notice her. Blake is no stranger to hanging out with the guys, her issue is being more girly and getting David to see her as a woman.

Ian gets assigned the task to whip her in to shape so to speak. They have some crazy wit together it cracked me up so often I laughed or had a smile on my face whenever these two where on the same page. She totally doesn’t take gruff from him and spins his rules around, I love it.

“You are” “ the best fake date ever.” – Blake

Only with this amazing chemistry comes a complication, Ian doesn’t see her as just a client any more but possible something more and he keeps repeating to himself.. "A client, A client, A client" Wingman Inc. has rules after all.

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken and you have to go with the flow.

When they stop fighting and the pull that they have for each other comes to the forefront .. that’s when it becomes amazing, scary, frustrating, funny and sweet. I totally swooned.

“I’m going to bed to sleep it off and hopeful not die. If I wake up a zombie, take at least a few cool pictures before you decapitate me. Cool?” - Ian

“You have my word.” – Lex nodded seriously.

I am not kidding this baby is a fantastic freakingtactic read, it has all the elements you would expect from a Rachel Van Dyken read. I can’t wait for the next installment in this series. A 5 Star read.