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Review : Paper Dolls by Hanna Peach

*** Arc provided by the author for an honest review ***

Writing: intense, suspenseful, descriptive 
Violence: some sexual content 
Narrative: first person 

I haven’t been introduced to Hanna Peach’s novels before now. And all I can think of is why the heck not? Her book, Paper Dolls is something you have to check out. If not you will be kicking yourself for not doing so earlier. Paper Dolls, is a new adult romantic suspense. And does it have the suspense. 

Paper Dolls, will have you guessing, but make no mistake it, is a standalone without a cliffhanger. 
Just looking at the book cover, will tear at you. The suspense rolls off this novel, from the outside in. You will be invested from the prologue until the end. I found myself not sure what I was thinking until the last page. The way Hanna can take words, and transfix them is astonishing.  Aria, is an eighteen year old girl, trying to figure out what she’s supposed to do. She doesn’t have the normal life on a teenager. She has a twin sister, Salem, whom she had been searching for these past three years. Long days, and nights had past, where she didn’t know what had happened to her twin, or where she was, and now that she has her back she still has unanswered questions. Along the way to finding her sister, she ends up meeting the equally mysterious Clay, who helps her, as she to him. 

But both hold secrets ones they don’t let go of easily. And as everything has a way of weaving their way out of your soul, their secrets reveal things you don’t see coming, and everything breaks. 

Each has a choice, and Aria has the hardest of all. Choosing between how she will let live and who she will watch perish.  A roulette, a gamble of fate, and love will be tested as she chooses one of the two people she loves has to die. This novel is a 4 stars for me, choose between finding a mystery, and solving a destiny, I hope you will give Paper Dolls, a chance. 

Reviewed by Lindsey W.