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Review : Remembering Everly by J.L. Berg


This was book two in the Lost and Found series and it is a must that you read Forgetting August first. I really enjoyed this book and for me I’d rate it as 4 stars as I loved seeing what happened with Everly and August and I was more than happy to go along with them on their journey to find each other. The start of this book picks up a few months after the first book ended which I loved and was over the moon that there was not a continuous rehashing of what I had already read. When I read the first book I was desperate to read this follow on as Forgetting August really did leave us hanging with an OMG moment between Everly and August.

At the beginning of this story Everly is back with her fiancé Ryan and is in the thick of wedding prep trying to get everything organised for the big day. She is determined to move on from August and be the women that Ryan deserves to have. She feels that if she is more involved with things her head won’t wander to the thoughts and memories of August that she still can’t quite escape (but yeah we all know that won’t work!).

“I knew now that there was no one else in my future”

Unfortunately August is back working with Trent and is having his eyes opened to not only the kind of person Trent is but also who he really is or was. Flooded with memories of the person he was and the time he spent with Everly he struggles to move on as he knows in his heart that she is it for him. August knows that he has to protect her and realizes that by locking her up before he was also trying to keep her safe then but doing it in a very drastic way. By making Everly hate and fear him he hopes that will be enough to keep Everly away even if it causes heartbreak for the both of them.

The pull that August and Everly felt for each other was too strong to allow them to stay apart and this is made difficult not only by Trent’s threats but by the other relationships that they are both in. Trent is an evil man with no real conscience but his involvement certainly makes the story interesting. The other characters such as Ryan, Brick and Sarah work well within the story in both books and I was pleased that Ryan wasn’t as affected as I thought he might be with how things were as we all knew that he was never going to get the girl. August and Everly are like to magnets that have been pulled apart but are drawn together by a force neither of them can stop.

“No matter how messed up we were together, we were a hundred times worse when we were apart.”

The problem with reading any series or follow up book is that you already have expectations in your head of what you think or want to happen so I was thrilled in how this book stood up to my expectations and didn’t disappoint. The story flows well and I felt more for August and understood him a lot better in this book, due in a big part in his struggle with who he was in his recurring memories and the person he had initially become after the coma. The second half of this book is definitely better that the first as this is when things take a turn and get more interesting. Everly and August are such a strong couple and I did want them to be together even after all the things August had done to Everly in the past.

J.L. Berg really does know how to write a gripping story and I was so pleased to read how this book resolved, the actual concept was a little different but worked extremely well going from the present to snippets of past memories from both Everly and August. I would recommend to everyone though that they should try and read the books together as I felt they flowed really well like that. Well worth a read and it has definitely made me more of a J.L. Berg fan than I was before.