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Review : Seek by Brooke Page


Brooke Page has hit it out of the park with this heart pounding suspenseful read. You will be glued to your seat while anxiously turning the pages. 

Seek is the highly anticipated follow up to Hide and you will need to read book one in order to fully comprehend this complex amazing novel. 

We start off with Jamie missing and Mitch crazed with worry over her where a bouts. Time is precious and the proverbial ticktock is as loud as ever. 

Jamie is in a position no one should ever be in. Her demons and fears are staring her right in the face.

Both Mitch and Jamie have an uphill battle ahead of them. One is struggling to survive while the other is fighting to get back the one person who has stolen their heart. 

Lies will be revealed and in the end the true strength of their love and themselves will be tested like never before. 

Deceit, suspense, fear, family ties, and more twists and turns than any ride at Six Flags are all present in this read and that is what makes a great read into an extraordinary one. 

While reading this intense drama you will be going through all the motions of piecing together the puzzle and what is uncovered at the end will have you reeling. 

Will Mitch be able to find his love before its too late and will these two find their HEA after all is said and done.