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Review : Shameless by Lex Martin


I have been a long time fan of the talented Lex Martin for some time now. She never fails to deliver magic in her words !! This author knows the exact measurements needed to make you fall in love with her characters and have you get lost in the story line. Angst, passion, family, love and regrets are all prevalent and this emotionally charged novel will have you invested from start to finish.

Brady has a lot of regrets. Some deeper and more painful than others. When fate throws this sexy tattoo artist a curve ball, he is at a loss. A painful and heart breaking one. 

Dealing with the loss of his brother and sister in law, Brady heads to Texas to take over the arrangements. Once there however he is faced with a miracle and two ladies who will both change his life forever in different yet similar ways. 

Katherine is a hard working, smart, beautiful devoted gentle soul. Escaping her past, she finds solace at the home of her Best Friend. When tragedy hits her life is unbalanced and future yet again unclear. Reeling from the tragedy of losing her two best friends and battling her own demons, she is left speechless, shaken and turned on when a sexy tattooed man shows up on her doorstep.

Together Brady and Katherine find strength in each other while dealing with the devastating blow. Strangers become friends who in turn become something more. With Brady there for a short time, and Katherine needing to make plans for own future do they even stand a chance at happiness. 

Together they are amazing. Funny, sweet and the passion between them would light up a small country. Is it enough to keep Brady in Texas away from the only family he has left or is the promise of a different life more enticing? I was rooting for them from the start and with the ebb and flow of this perfectly written story I was able to experience all their pain, redemption and ultimately love along side them. 

A beautiful, haunting read that is a one click must !