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Review : Sins of the Father by Jamie Canosa


This was a book completely out of my comfort zone.  With that being said,  I was surprised at how well I enjoyed reading it.  Jamie Canosa is a new to me author and I have now read 2 of her books and will be adding more to my TBR list.  She has a unique writing style that I enjoyed and even though the topic of the book was something no one wants to hear about, it was well thought out and incorporated so many different emotions together.  

Ophelia was kidnapped at a college party and realizes everything isn't what it seems.  She makes some drastic decisions that end up costing her a comfortable future.    When she hears a song, she realizes she has to fight for what she wants.  

Sawyer shares his past and how he is trying to help his friend Frank.   Frank and Sawyer soon realize kidnapping Ophelia wasn't going to get them what they wanted.   The pain and hurt they have all lived through is evident makes them all make decisions they think are right, but to us are not.  

The chemistry between Sawyer and Ophelia was comfortable for the story line.   I was afraid it would be Stockholm style, but it wasn't.  It was nicely written.  

The story is told in dual POV's which I love, but it was also told in a past/present line.  A whole lot of history was shared and at times you find yourself siding with one or the other.   

I gave this book a 4 star rating.  

REVIEWED BY : Jennifer A.