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Review : Something More Than This by Barbie Bohrman

*** Arc provided by the author for an honest review ***

Writing: Light, insightfully descriptive 
Violence: None
Sex: Some-(romantic) 
Narrative: First person. (Katy’s point of view)
Title: Something More Than This
Author:  Barbie Bohrman

If you aren’t acquainted with any of Barbie’s books, I suggest you take a look at any of her other works, like her debut, Promise Me. This novel, Something More Than This, is a great addition to her work. Barbie’s novel gets you looking deep within yourself, how you look at your life around you. 

Something More Than This, gives you a trip into your inner teen for a minute. It’s a cute, and romantic read. One you will enjoy when you start to read it and gives you decent characters, and witty dialog. Katy is a sports reporter for the local paper, Florida Observer, she has a decent career, a decent friendship with her boss. Her best friend, Mimi, and her brothers, are protective of her, and help her along the way. 

Same as anyone, who has a family, and friends to support them, who have finally found that notch in the world. But everyone has something they forget about as they grow up into an adult, something they put on the back burner. Something they deal with as a teenager, they didn’t think about, until they show up out of the blue. And for Katy that happens to be the crush she had nine years ago, the one who walked away without even a second glance. Conner Roberts, shows up after nine years, wanting to reconnect with lost friends, and Katy doesn’t know what to do with it. In Something More Than This, Katy has to deal with things, involving her feeling for Conner, and the ones she never thought possible with her, best friend and boss Dylan. 

In Something More than This, you will see flashbacks of past and present encounters, and well as, shining light on how her brothers’ became protective of her.   You will be laughing none stop, from seeing her everyday dealing with her best friend, Mimi, along with the dreadful deals with coworkers. I found I really enjoyed Something More Than This. I was entertained, from the first words. I give this 5* stars, I highly recommend this book. If you are looking for a light read, with a little comedy, then this is for you.  This one will have you questioning your on angst teenage crush, but I promise you will enjoy it. 

Reviewed by Lindsey W.