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Review : Southern Sweets by Cori Williams

*** Arc provided by the author for an honest review ***

Writing: Very descriptive, emotionally delivered
Violence: None
Sex: some-explicit
Narrative: Alternating Between the main characters

“Because cupcakes make everything better.”

I feel I need to inform you, before I give my review is that this is the second novel in the Midnight Series by Cori Williams. However, it is not mandatory to read the first in the series, which I have not.

If you do read the first in the series, Midnight Ballerina, the characters in this novel make an appearance; it will give you a more in-depth timeline for their story. Events in the first are what lead up to the story line in the second novel, Southern Sweets.  

But make no mistake, the characters hold their own throughout this novel. The trials, that Amelia has to go through are realistic, she holds her own. From having to deal with what her brief relationship with Tanner, to having to deal with her booming bakery, you will find yourself hoping for her happy ending. Amelia has a lot to go through to hold on to her confidence, and her love for her friends, when all she wants to do is forget about everything Tanner.

Though that is the thing about who you love, its hard to forget. And for tanner, Amelia was a woman, so sweet, and everything nice he isn’t sure how he can live without her. And for tanner, he makes it his mission, to get her along with her ice queen mother to see him in a new light. That he isn’t the same prick he was when he met her. Tanner is willing to risk it all for his love for Amelia, if only she will let him back into her heart, and her life. 

For me this was a 4.5 stars. I’m only giving it this, because I wish I had already read, Midnight Ballerina, because I would recommend you do so. Because that is where Amelia’s and Tanner’s story begins. And it ends with Southern Sweets. Trust me this, is a novel you will want to read. If you are able to get past the sudden sweet tooth you are sure to have then, this is a novel worth reading.

Reviewed by Lindsey W.