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Review : Stars by Malorie Verdant


I was jumping up and down waiting to read this novel and let me tell you I was not disappointed !!! 

After I let what I read sink in .. I realized just how much I really really enjoyed this story. It still has me thinking back on what I read and for me that is a sign of a great book. I am a sucker for sports romances and throw in the childhood friends angle .. I am a goner ! 

Malorie Verdant did an outstanding job with her debut. Told in dual POVs, the characters have a distinct and unforgettable voice which the author never lost. Fast paced and filled with emotions, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this refreshing book and its twists. Parker and Grayson are sure to win your hearts as they did mine. 

Parker Elliot has been in love with her neighbor for what seems like forever. You would think being neighbors they would of been best friends growing up but how wrong you would be in that assumption. Grayson has no idea she even exists and after a failed attempt at speaking, this beautiful little girl decided early on to remain in the shadows and resigned to loving the little boy who would own her from afar. That is until one day where it all came to a head.  

Grayson Waters was a little boy lost. His childhood wasn't easy and he did what he could to make his mother happy. Little did he know that his antics had a long lasting affect on someone going through their own problems. 

The star quarterback, Gray grew into his role. Sexy, funny, a little alpha, his past left emotional scars but made him stronger.

College is where life begins they say and for these two it couldn't be more true. 

The journey for Parker and Gray is not an easy one. It is filled with passion, want, lies, deceit, and heart break. Friendships are formed, love is found, secrets are revealed and a twist you will never see coming will leave you frazzled. 

Stars will have you invested from start to finish, eagerly anticipating to see where this talented author takes these amazing characters.