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Review : Stone by Victoria Ashley

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

As a reviewer here at Books and Boys Book Blog, I was gifted Stone by Victoria Ashley for an honest review and can I be the first to say - *@#% me! What a book!!

Boy can that woman write!!

If you like hot, dirty, sexy Strippers than this book is for you………. What is there not to like!! It has everything you could hope for rolled up in one amazing book! 

Ohh and just a little word of advice when reading this particular book on a train going to work, make sure you take a change of pants!!

Holy hell!!

Ok, so now onto what had me panting like a dog on heat at 7am in the morning, on a train full of fellow commuters on their way to work….. ;)

In the first installment of The Walk of Shame we met Slade (umm my personal favorite and no ladies I don’t share  ),Hemy and Cale. Now I thought those boys were yummy and could place their shoes under my bed anytime…. Until I met Stone….. WoW!!

Now that our original boys for WOS have settled down with their equally awesome other halves we find ourselves with a new generation of Hotties. Stone Ridge is the new Slade at WOS and man that boy can live up to the hype and the legend. He’s a boy that when he wants something, he stops at nothing to get it. Which is where Sage Knox comes into our little story.

Sage is the younger sister of our dirty boy Hemy. A girl who refuses to get attached to anyone apart from her brother, and his wife, as everyone she has ever cared about has deserted her. Which is why she feels she can no longer have the whole ‘friends with benefit’ arrangement, that her, and her roommate Stone have going on.

The only problem with their particular relationship is that, it’s not just about having fun anymore. Unfortunately, only one of them is making their intentions obvious……

There is a lot of emotion that has gone into Stone and Sage’s story and you won’t be able to put it down. 

There is nothing about this book that will disappoint, it really is a must read!!

This for me is a five star rating!

Reviewed by Stacey J