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Review : Take the Fall by Marquita Valentine

I have to rate this book 5 stars. Right from the start I couldn’t put this book down. The quality of writing and the flow of the story along with awesome characters kept me enthralled right up to the finish.

This book focuses on two main characters who are parted for a period of seven years for various reasons and the push and pull they struggle with when they are brought back into each other’s lives. They have to find out if they can trust and forgive enough to have their second chance at love.

Seth and Rowan are deeply in love and regardless of their age they know what they mean to each other and can only see a future together. However that future takes a dramatic turn when Seth and Jase, Rowan’s older brother are both sent to prison leaving Rowan behind. Jase is sentenced to seven years but Seth’s sentence isn’t anywhere near as long but he has to enlist in the marines when released from prison.

Anger and blame are what keep Seth and Rowan apart all those years ago as he changes allowing the anger to eat away to him and he blames Jase and Rowan for him being where he is. Feeding on those emotions he tells Rowan to never come back to visit and he ignores all her attempts to communicate with him. Years later Seth is forced to return back home after a bereavement meaning he has to face Rowan.

I loved these two characters and how feisty they both were in their own way. Seth has changed. He left a man being sent to prison but now returns a marine veteran who is more than capable to look after himself. Well maybe he can protect himself from most things but Rowan might just be the exception. Rowan is feisty and strong but when it comes to Seth she is just as vulnerable and affected by him as she was when she was sixteen. I have to admit I was rooting for them from the get go and loved their banter and interactions.

I can’t help but love this book with writing such as - “Your my compass and all directions lead me straight to where I’m supposed to be. With you.” And “’Be pissed at me tomorrow’, I remind her. ’Love me tonight.’ She replies softly.” It gets you right at your heart and it would melt even the harshest of romance critics. 

The surrounding characters were just as intriguing as Rowan and Seth. Mild mannered and innocent Piper is someone I really want to find out more about and try and figure her out a don’t believe that she wants to be as innocent as everyone thinks she is. Then there is Jase, Rowan’s big brother is released from jail and tries to find his footing back in reality but we get glimpses of what he thinks and how he feels about Piper. Loving this book as much as I did and wanting to read more about all of these characters I have already downloaded the second book and can’t wait to dive into Jase and Piper’s story. This is definitely a book I would recommend.