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Review : To My Loves by Jen Cousineau

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

There are few novels that make me sob and laugh at the same time and even rarer times when I am left reeling after what I have just read. To My Loves by Jen Cousineau was one of those rare magical reads that pulled on every one of my heartstrings with every turn of the page. This talented author did a fantastic job at knowing just when to inject humor into the story line that at times was somber and heartbreaking. 

Told through the voice of Peyton, you will be taken on one heck of a ride. All the emotions, laughter and love comes spilling out of the pages. Peyton is a beautiful, strong and brave soul. She is in a marriage that is going no where fast, an author struggling with daily deadlines and a dedicated sister to the only family she has left her brother Colton. Life has not been kind to her and little does she know God will be testing her faith again sooner than expected. 

The challenges she has faced and is facing would completely shatter a normal human, however she does not have time for any of that. With the help of her amazing Best Friend Taylor she embarks on a new chapter of her life. Until again .. she is faced with yet again another devastating blow. 

Friendships formed, bonds made stronger and the knowledge that "family" isn't always made of blood. This story will have you hugging your loved ones just a little tighter, looking at life with a renewed sense of gratitude and smiling at the clouds knowing loved ones are ever present in our lives. 

It will make you wish for friends like Taylor and Ashton, a love like Hunter's, family like Colton & Julia and two amazing humans like Serenity and Skylar.

I hope we get to see some more of those characters as they were so pivotal and beautifully portrayed. 

The BEST part of the read .. Peyton's journal entries .. but be warned have a box of tissues readily available ! 

A 5 star emotional read