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Review : Vintage Dreams by Jannie Lund


Vintage Dreams by Jannie Lund was a 4 star read for me.  She is a new to me author and I was pleasantly surprised on how much I liked her writing style.  She made sure there was enough backstory without slowing the book down, but also gave each of the characters their own personalities that really showed throughout the book.  Plus the side characters were hilarious!

Scott and Danielle are so similar to each other, I thought they wouldn't get along.  They are both stubborn, know what they want out of life and are not afraid to voice it or show it.  

Scott and Danielle meet when Scott has to go back home to find property for an investor.  Too bad it is Danielle's property he wants.  When the two of these characters meet, they immediately get under each others skin.  It wasn't love or lust at first sight but fireworks sure did go off.  Their relationship evolved and brought the two of them together in the end.  You will love the ending.  There was moments when you wanted to say "AWW" and there was times you wanted to yell at both of them for being so stubborn.  

Vintage Dreams is a quick read, well written and overall a great story line.  

REVIEWED BY : Jennifer A.