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Review : When We Fall by Marquita Valentine

For me this was another great book and it is truly worthy of 4.5 stars. This is the second in the ‘Take The Fall’ series and a great addition to the series. We met both the main characters in the first book but we didn’t really get the chance to know them until now and although this is the second in a series it can definitely be read as a standalone novel.

Jase Simmons is your bad boy with a good heart. To be honest I don’t really see him as a bad boy but more as someone who has been unfortunate and paid the price for being unlucky. He is recently released from prison after serving seven years and is starting to get his life on track by becoming a partner in a tattoo shop and getting his house into shape too.

Piper Ross is a true southern belle that knows how to behave and act. Unfortunately for Piper she has an overbearing socialite mother who has done nothing but put her down all her life and the chief of police is her father and he has basically ignored her too. Piper is shy, quiet and timid and to make things worse when nervous she either stutters or struggles to breathe which brings on her asthma. The only people who have never made fun of her or make her feel that she didn’t exist or wasn’t important are her best friend Rowan and her older brother Jase. At the age of fourteen Piper had to convince her mother to allow her to be friends with Rowan by saying it was an act of charity or sorts and that is the only time she has ever really stood her ground. Well that was up until now, Piper is fed up being controlled and told who she should and shouldn’t date or marry and the type of people she should be with. Plucking the courage to move out she went to stay with Rowan but the problem is that Rowan is now engaged and Piper feels she can’t stay with her anymore.

Knowing that Jase has room and also needs an assistant in his shop Piper asks him for a job and a place to live. Not really expecting him to agree to her living with him she is over the moon when he says yes. Piper has had feelings for Jase for years and may just be about able to find the courage to do something about it and this is just the start.

“He’s vibrant, from his golden hair, dark eyes, and multicolored tattoos. You can’t help but notice him. I can’t help but notice him. I’m drawn to him, to the vibrancy that surrounds him. The way he talks and moves. He’s so animated. The opposite of wallpaper. He’s the painting in the room. The piece that everyone comes to see and marvel over.”

Unbeknownst to Piper she might be the only one with feelings. Jase has always noticed Piper but he also knows that she is pure and innocent and far too good for anyone like him. Or so he thinks.

I really loved this story and getting to know Piper and Jase and watch them change and fight for one another. Piper grows leaps and bounds and becomes her own person in this book and it’s great to see. For me these two work great together and it was a treat to read. As with the first book I can’t fault how this one was written and how it flowed. The writing is so easy to get lost that and as soon as I finished this book I was straight onto the next one. However I do know that this is not a book for everyone, if you are looking for a dark emotional read then this is definitely not for you but if you are looking for something light, romantic, relatively quick and something you can immerse yourself in easily then this is definitely for you.