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Review : The All Star Antes Up by Nancy Herkness


This is the first book I have read by Nancy Herkness.  It was a well written sports standalone, but part of a series.

3 billionaires sitting in an exclusive club join together and make a bet on who will find love within a year or they have to give up something of importance to charity.  You have the author, the NFL Superbowl winning quarterback and the CEO.    Who will win this bet?

When Luke and Miranda meet, it is was a starry-eyed meeting.  Miranda knew who Luke was and had stars in her eyes.  But she wasn't one of those girls who just wanted to be with Luke because of his celebrity status.  She truly enjoyed spending time with him and getting to know him past the quarterback on the field.

Miranda is a hard working concierge for the apartment building Luke lives in and has had one too many run ins with Luke's brother Trevor.  When Trevor makes a request Miranda is not comfortable with and denies him his wishes, Trevor causes problems.  Causing Luke to step in.

Luke can't stop thinking about Miranda but doesn't want to have anything to interfere with his season.  He doesn't believe he can play football and have a family at the same time.
When these two characters do finally give into the attraction surrounding them the intensity sky rockets.  When Luke and Miranda finally realize that they can have a relationship and still win in their professional lives, they give in and give it a try.

4 stars

Reviewed by Jennifer A.