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Review : All the Waters of the Earth by Leslie McAdam


 First , I have to say , WOW ! This is a first book for me to read by this author and I am so very glad I got the chance . It won’t be the last I can tell you . I already have her other books in my kindle right this minute . That being said , this book is about becoming the you , you want to be . Not the you , you think you should be . 

Still with me ? Good ! Lucinda Figueroa or Lucy , as her friends and family call her ,  is a mom to a wonderful 12 year old boy ,  Roberto aka Rob . She isn’t looking for love , not by a long shot . She is content with her life as a romance author working on her 16th book , a nude model for an art class and full time momma . This lady is spunky and feisty and tells it like it is . She doesn’t let things fester . I love this ! It's refreshing to read , a heroine who speaks her mind without waiting forever and it causing all kind of communication problems .  She has such a supportive family , I flove her sister . She is a gem even if she isn’t featured much in the book . I loved when she was in a scene . 

“How’d you get one of them to come to life?”  - Celia Figueroa

Jacob Slausen aka Jake , moves in next door to Lucy and Rob while his house is being remodeled . He is the typical workaholic guy right ? Wrong ! This gentleman looks like he could be on the cover of one of Lucy’s romance books or the hero . He is work driven yes ,  but he has a past that speaks to why he is so driven to success . 

What I really enjoyed about Jake was how he never made excuses for himself . He was real all the way through the book . I loved that he fought through his fears and took a chance .  Also , it has to be said , anyone , and I mean anyone , that comes into a kids' life and makes the effort , especially with Minecraft , is Aces in my book . As a momma of 2 kids that were nuts about that game ,  I totally get Lucy’s comment in her head .

"The annoying music of Minecraft droning on"

And not only did he take the time to learn it but he really took the time to play it with him and find out his other interests . That’s a man I want to read about all day long . 

“I’m not interested in perfect .  I’m interested in real .” – Jake

The first meeting between these two , Lucy can’t believe her eyes . It's like he walked right out of her novel . And Jake is a little taken aback as well . He was coming to introduce himself and before him is this curvy woman in a pink string bikini . One of the best meets I have read .  

Getting the chance to watch these two fall for each other was pretty special .  They both had to get over past hurts . Lucy with her ex and how she was treated by him . Not only that , but how she had to be cautious because of her son and who she brings into not only her life but his as well . Jake , by this family , but also how he was dealing with being so demanded by his work that he has set for himself . But finding out they both had a creative side was pretty amazing . The growth and maturity of this book really made me want to keep reading . You know I am the quotes lady and I have a few more to share .

This are more comments here how Lucy would say she wanted to get to know Jake better “for research purposes ."  Yeah , we so got her number . Also loved that she would call him handsome .

I loved how he would kiss her nose , I mean swoon . Am I right or am I right ?

“I drew this curve today .” – Jake

“Show me your art . Show me what you’re hiding .” - Lucy

Last but not least ,  we need talk about the recipes in this book . I want and need to know what a tamale is and what it tastes like now . I will be googling chile relleno casserole and what is in tortilla soup ! 

5 Earthtastic Stars