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Review : Beg For It by Megan Hart


This book is different , where the woman takes the more dominant roll , not really BDSM but close .
I feel like it’s a second chance romance with a bit of a twist .

Corinne finds herself a divorced mother of 2 , but she is also unhappy with her current love life . She longs for what could have been . The company she works for , Stein and Sons which is a dairy , is in trouble . She needs to meet with the company that is thinking to buying to see if they can turn it around and make a profit . When she shows for the meeting she is confronted with the past . ‘ Her boy.  ' Her past has just entered her future .

Reese knows he is going to see her again . It was only a matter of time but he needs a lot of courage to face her , after how he left . But what he wasn’t banking on was how he would feel or that all those old feelings never left . He has the ability to buy and turn the business around to make a profit but he finds himself toying with her just a little bit .

“You want to . . . own me?” – Reese

In this book we get Before and Now points of view . I think I would have liked it more if we knew when the Before stopped and the Now takes over . I find myself going back and forth to not get confused . I also feel like we are missing some parts of the story , 12 years is a long time to miss someone and life continues .

The kinky side of this was hot , hella hot really , but a little bit emasculating , even if he never felt that way ,  I felt that way for him . I don’t begrudge someone their preferences and I believe love is love.

“I could own you forever.” - Corinne

I really did enjoy the trust and understanding that came along with this type of love story, that was very noticeable and I enjoyed that immensely .