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Review : Belonging to Him by Lucie Babikian

*** ARC Provided by Author for Honest Review ***

This is a quick read it's a novella of only 143 pages but I did like it . Yes the story could have been made longer , pushed a little more , maybe given us Epilogue . I would have of happily read more from this story but don’t get me wrong what we are given is good .

I did find Lorenzo a bit of a jerk and arrogant in the beginning but then with his protective and loyal side he really did grow on me. And besides he was HOT lol . The sex scenes wooo very HOT and STEAMY.

Bella I felt was a little weak , she seemed to be scared of everything. This I did find kind of annoying but yes there is a BUT when you read more and get to know her back story to it. Her back story kind of makes sense of how she behaves and you feel bad for what she has been through .

I wish we would have found out more though . I don't want to give spoilers away but Alex was very disturbing, freaking crazy I mean . Over all I did like this book and would recommend it.

4 stars 

Reviewed by Deanne C.