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Review : Beyond Broken by Emilia Winters


I have to start off by saying that Beyond Broken is one of those reads that will consume you until the end. You will be drawn into the story so fast your head will spin. 

This is the first novel I have ever read by this talented author and it will not be the last. Book 3 in The Bay Boys Series, Beyond Broken follows the story of one special woman and a man so broken that even you will begin to doubt if he will ever be repaired. 

Maddie is a real life honest to goodness ray of sunshine, her attitude, nature, humor everything about her is absolutely perfection. Caleb the exact opposite .. sourly, rude, condescending, and damaged. All these traits would make a normal sane girl go screaming in the opposite direction, but not Maddie .. no and you know why ? Because she has loved this man ever since he was a boy .. back in High School .. a boy that with one act of kindness changed her in some many ways, gave her hope, strength and peace. 

Caleb has not had it easy. His childhood was not a happy one, his young adult years even worse. All he has known, seen and experienced have molded him into the man he is today. As the story progresses and we get more insight as to what those were .. your heart will bleed for him but will never feel sorry for him, Caleb is a survivor in more ways than one. 

All it takes is that one small act of kindness, a smile, comforting words even silence to change a person for the better or worse. Maddie came into his life like a whirlwind changing it forever. 

Will she be able to save this damaged beyond repair man like he did to her ? or are some scars too deeply ingrained to overcome ? 

Blessings, love, acceptance and love yes they are all apart of the story but so is pain, fear, loss and heart break. Combined Beyond Damaged is an emotionally charged read that will have you invested from the get go. 

I wish I could sit and write my thoughts and every single page, I feel like for the first time ever I can't do justice to a novel I am reviewing only because there are so many elements I love about this book. I want to tell you everything every page, sentence, paragraph, why I loved this and that .. but then this would be about 100 pages and who wants to read that while they can experience the beauty of the story for themselves. 

Please do yourselves a favor and read this epic story .. It's not an easy one but a perfect one.