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Review : Caged by D.H. Sidebottom


Caged by D.H. Sidebottom has proved to be yet another spectacular book ! This is definitely dark erotica , pushing into very twisted territory .  That being said , I freaking loved every minute of it ! 

Judd Anderson was snatched from his front garden when he was four years old .  After an extensive search , he was never found . He was found many years later chained in a basement severely malnourished and beaten  . 

Kloe Grant is Judd's therapist . Her job is to try to help him heal and get him integrated back into society so he can lead somewhat of a normal life .  Judd is only filled with rage . We see Kloe's relationship with her patient called into question and she walks away from everything . 

Fast forward to Anderson Caine (Judd Anderson) , one of the best cage fighters in the world . Chance brought him and Kloe back together again .  How will he make her pay for leaving him at a time when he desperately needed her to get through ?

This book borders on sick and it is fabulous ! One of the best reads of 2016 . It is a cliffy .  But it is well worth the read ! D.H. Sidebottom has a fabulous gift in bringing the stories in her head to life !