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Review : Crow by A. Zavarelli


The first thing I have to say is that I loved this book, once I started it I honestly couldn’t put it down. I couldn’t get think of giving it anything other than 5 stars. I have never read any books by A. Zavarelli but I know I have just found a new favorite author to add to my list.

Mackenzie ‘Butterfly’ Wilder is the strong feisty girl who has a toughened exterior due to how she has had to protect herself and her friend Talia while growing up in Southie and living on the streets from a young age. Mack is determined to whittle her way into the mafia scene to gain information on her best friends’ disappearance and the only way to do that is to get close to some mobsters. Luckily or not as it may be, Mack grabs the attention of Lachlan Crow.

“He dissolved my armor with a single look. A touch. One command from his lips, and I was his. I’m a slave to this man.”

 Lachlan Cow is the Irish true blood with his strong thick Irish accent and dangerous persona. Lachlan is high up in the Irish mafia and his lethal reputation precedes him. Not known for being distracted in what he does and especially not by any woman. He doesn’t believe in sentiments as they are only a weakness but for some reason Mack seems to get under his skin.

“A dark energy crackles to life between us as I stare into those savages irises. They swirl with an intoxicating and vivid array of colors I can’t drag myself away from.”

Both characters have their own agendas and are determined to stay on track but neither factored in the pull and possessiveness that they would feel for the other. Lines start to get blurred for both and with everything that is going on around them it only brings them closer but there are a few secrets that could lead to a deadly conclusion.

“The day I lose focus is the day I die.”

This book is of undeniable attraction that even within the murky world of mobsters and mafia wars there is a thread that ties them together. The Irish have a tenuous relationship with the Russians and every action matters.

Mack and Lachlan are an explosive couple with everything that happens to them and around there is never a doubt of their attraction and how it continues to build. The relationship is explosive and feisty with humor and banter that you can’t help but imagine the Irish brogue in Lachlan’s voice. Loved them as a couple and would have happily continued to read more about them. There are a few characters lurking about that I would love to get to know more also and was thrilled to find they have their own book too. I will be jumping right into Ronan’s story next as I can’t help but be intrigued by him and his silence.

As I hope I have made myself clear this book was awesome and I can’t believe I had it sitting on my kindle so long before I actually got around to reading it. I can’t recommend it enough and I would urge you not to make the same mistake as me and just dive right in and I promise you won’t be disappointed, there is nothing like an unapologetic dominant bad boy to get a story going.

Reviewed by Louise G.