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Review : The Debt by Tyler King

*** ARC Provided by Author for Honest Review ***

This was a great read . Loved that although it was a book about abuse and anxiety it was not overly done or depressing . It's about trying to make up and correct the past while trying to mend your mistakes .

I loved how we get transported from Josh's past and see his pain while speaking to his therapist , and his present : living with his friends and Hadley .

We see his character trying to deal with his temper , anxiety , and fears . He is a lost boy holding so much sadness and pain .
Wanting to be better and there for Hadley, not for her to see him as broken as he feels . He has always loved her but after pushing her away he wants another chance .

I loved the banter between Josh and Hadley , you could feel their sexual frustrations and how much they love each other but hold back .

I wanted to lock them in a room and be like there you are not coming out until you love each other lol . It was an all around good book .

4 Solid Stars

Reviewed by Deanne C