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Review : Denial by Lisa Renee Jones


This was quite a mixture of mystery and romance that keeps you going with twists and turns throughout. 4 stars for the start of what looks to be a great spin off series. Denial is book one in the Careless Whispers series which is itself a spin off from the Inside Out series. Now don’t get me wrong I haven’t read the previous series and it very much appears that you don’t have had to.

Quite an unusual beginning as Ella wakes in hospital to realize she is staring into the most amazing pair of blue eyes but that is about all she knows. After being attacked in an alleyway Ella suffers a concussion which results in her forgetting who she is.

Kayden to whom the amazing blue eyes belong has stayed with Ella since he helped her in the alleyway. He is described as strong, powerful, commanding and protective as well as tall, broad and beautiful. Unable to walk away from Ella even if he knows it would be better for him if he did but when he looks at her there is a pull and instinct to protect that he has to listen to.

You touch me like you own me

I touch you like a man who wants you”

The intrigue in the story as it progresses is not the off the chart chemistry between Ella and Kayden (its way off the chart) but the fact that she knows Kayden is familiar but unsure why. We know someone is out to get her but she doesn’t know where he fits into that, if at all. Although as a reader it is hard not to also fall for the sexy Kayden you understand her trepidation in trusting Kayden and what she wants to believe against what her instincts and flash backs tell her.

“And for just a moment, I can’t seem to help myself. I want to be possessed by this man. I want to be consumed, so I kiss him back. I kiss him like it’s my last kiss, because maybe it is.”

You follow Ella as she has memories that give insight into her past and as she also tries to figure out what Kayden is hiding if anything. This is a great read and I really enjoyed the dynamic between Ella and Kayden. The supporting cast were also really well written and I enjoyed the book as a whole but don’t expect all the answers in this book as there are a couple more books to come.

Reviewed by Louise G.