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Review : Dex by Stephanie Witter


Fresh .. witty .. and engaging. You will not be able to put down this book until the very end. 

Stephanie Witter has a way with words that pulls the reader right in. Her characters are always well developed and story line enticing. Dex is no exception.

The first in a series, Dex is about the troubled front man Dex Bowers. Each subsequent book will feature each member of the Rock Band Kinky Shine and  I can't wait. 

Blogger Harley Floyd is on assignment and Dex won't know what hit him once she is through with him, together they will each learn so much, about each other, life and themselves. Their chemistry is undeniable and the progression of their story not rushed but natural. 

You will feel like a member of the band while reading, enjoying the banter between the members, blushing at the sexy intimate moments between two lovers and hoping that these two people who are so different from one another yet so similar find their way to love, happiness and an HEA. 

All it takes is that one person to come into your life bringing with them a whole new perspective and outlook .. making your dark days lighter, brighter and oh so much more better. 

4 ROCK ON Stars