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Review : Divine Descendant by Jenna Black


This is a fantasy paranormal story that follows on from three other Descendant books in the series. Although I haven’t read the previous three books I would still give this book 4 stars even though I am not sure I got the best out of the story.

With this being the fourth book there is obviously a lot that has already happened to Nikki and although things get explained along the way this is a fantasy book will lots going on so would strongly recommend that you read all three previous books. There does seem to be a sort of wrapping up in this book but again without reading the others it is kind of hard to tell as I still have questions.

In a world of gods and demigods we have Nikki Glass, an investigator who is an immortal descendant of Artemis. This is something that doesn’t appear to a common thing. It would appear that she is embroiled in the fight to save humanity. There has obviously been some major incidents that have led up to the situation that Nikki now finds herself in and although explained it still a bit of rereading to take it all in.

Faced with the ex-wife of a god who wants revenge by wiping out humanity and a god that is nowhere to be found Nikki must figure out how to fix things.

There are some major players in this with lots of undercurrents going on or have had previous impact on the story that keep intrigue and interest. Nikki herself is quite a likeable character with a strength and personality that have you rooting for her. There is a romantic connection for Nikki and another which I quite liked that sees them coming together.

I did enjoy this book and would like to go back and get the whole story as I felt that it was very well written and extremely interesting. The mythology and action throughout keeps your mind going and means you want to find out what happens next and who will survive. Good book that I would happily recommend to fantasy fans but would tell them to read from the start.

Reviewed by Louise G.