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Review : Evil by Tijan

**ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review**

Whenever I see Tijan has a new book out I automatically one click and this book is certainly no different. If you are a Tijan fan you may already be aware and had read some of this book already as it had been posted on her website as a work in progress for quite some time. I had one of those who read it before so was thrilled to find out how it ended. For me another it was a great 4 star read and I loved that it was a paranormal book.

“You’ve always known you weren’t one of them.”

Shay isn’t a normal schoolgirl although deep down she would like to be. But for Shay and her brothers and sister although they attend a school and live in a normal human community they don’t live normal lives. Kellan Braden the oldest, is the guy the girls want and tat other guys fear and respect. Next is Shay and she is the odd one out from them. She is more subdued and enjoys to be left alone and would love to just get through school without much notice. The twins Guiseppa (she is known as Gus) and Vespa aren’t afraid to give into their powers and enjoy their position within the school. The Braden’s are those people in school that the others aspire to be in a sense, they are all gorgeous and aren’t afraid to get in a brawl, except that no one would rally dare go against them, especially not Kellan.

The things with Tijan books is that she gives you strong female lead characters that face their struggles head on and Shay is no different. Shay is dealing with the power within in her and is trying to figure what it means, who she is and what she should do next. Some of her family members aren’t so likeable but for me I definitely felt for Shay and Kellan. You get to understand them more as the book goes on and even Gus is endearing. I liked that in terms of physical descriptions you were left to imagine some of that yourself as they weren’t all overly described apart from a few mentions of their appearance thus allowing for me to dream up my own Kellan. So no doubt what I envisioned will be different from what the next person thinks up and I like that.

This is the story about angels and demons, good versus evil. Unfortunately those lines are a bit blurred and when family is involved the lines get even blurrier.

I loved how well this book flowed and I really didn’t want to put it down as I wanted to know what was going to happen next, where it would all end and who would survive. I know that this is an early book by Tijan but for me the writing is just as good as her other books. Whether you’re a fan of paranormal or not it is a great read that I would recommend as underneath the paranormal aspects there is a great story of family and loyalty and an undeniable bond between a boy and a girl.

Reviewed by Louise G.