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Review : A Fresh Start by Lexi Bissen


First, it’s been a while since I read a book with teens in High School and I was a little worried it was going to be immature but was thrilled that it wasn’t at all .

We meet Ronnie Hamiltion , sister to Jerry and twin of Sean . Being as she is the only girl  in the family she has very protective brothers . Being that her father is also the head coach of the high school football team , her family is all about sports but Ronnie couldn’t care less about all of it .

Ronnie has plan for herself that don’t include there small town in Bama but she is too afraid to tell her parents for fear they won’t like what she has to say . Her best friend Allen who is more like a best girlfriend is trying to find his own identity but being gay in Bama , there are not many that accept him.

“All right, fine. It was more than that. I felt like I really had a connection with him, if that makes any sense.” – Ronnie

Gibson Mitchell is the new kid , but he is more than that your normal new kid in school as he’s also a bit of a celebrity because his dad is a famous guy in a band . This means Gibson is famous by proxy. He’s done some questionable things that have landed him in Bama as he has been court ordered to finish high school in small town Bama where his uncle lives .

He was planning on keeping his head down and doing his 7 months , then he would be free and able to do what he wants . He wasn’t counting on Ronnie though or what she would bring to his life .

“He told me to wait for the girl who stops me in my tracks.” – Gibson

It’s not as easy as boy meets girl , her parents don’t want Ronnie to hang out with the new kid because he is deemed “ the bad boy .” Only they have such a pull toward each other and understanding even , they get each other and the untrusted and unwanted feeling they both struggle with . Gibson encourages her to tell her parents her plans for the future and she in turn encourages him to have a future . Inevitably something happens and they become more than friends and they have to figure out what that means.

“I feel as though I just feel in love with the man sitting in front of me.” – Ronnie