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Review : Get Lucky by Lila Monroe


I so want to go to Las Vegas. This book starts exactly how you expect to wake up in Vegas, in a bed with a complete stranger and no memory of the night before. It was a fun and witty 4 star adventure. This was a literary version of a mixture of ‘What Happens In Vegas’ and ‘The Hangover’ and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride as they tried to go backwards and retrace what happened the night before. Although you might be thinking that you’ve read a story like this before believe me you haven’t and it is worth the read for the humor alone although there are some steamy bits that heat things up.

The characters are brought together over a sinful Vegas weekend. Successful romance author Julia is in Vegas to attend the RT Book lovers Convention where she bumps into divorce lawyer Nate who is there for his best friends’ bachelor night and then wedding. First impressions leave a lot to be desired as Julia views Nate as arrogant and cocky and Nate views Julia as flighty and obnoxious but it is Vegas after all and when fueled on alcohol opinions can be change even if we don’t like to admit it.

“We eye each other. Again, I find myself falling into the magnetic blue of his eyes – just for a second, of course. I don’t care how good-looking he is, though. I’m not into stiffs and snobs, and he is way both.”

Julia and Nate appear to be opposites who you wouldn’t expect to get along. With Julia being the romantic who not only believes in love but makes a career out of and Nate is the cynical divorce lawyer who has made his career out of the breakdown of marriages due to delusions and failed expectations. Julia is extremely entertaining to read and I found her hilarious when her thoughts went off on a tangent as she dreamt up scenarios for fictitious characters. Although it might help if you are a bit of a sci fi fan (a Whovian in particular) to fully get her humor. Nate is nothing like Julia, he is stoic, a planner and doesn’t like to deviate from what he has to do but that only adds to the entertainment as he starts to relax. Both characters are stubborn and a little jaded from past experiences so don’t quite open up to each other and wanting to save face they are reluctant to admit that their first impressions might not have been right.

“Just like that, I’m helpless. Frozen. There’s a smoldering heat in her gaze, something carnal, something primal. With one look, she could order me on my knees and I’d do it, whatever she wanted.”

There is strong attraction that neither is keen to admit and pursue and if they figured it out could it really be something. Certainly when reading it you are routing for it to be something as their personality’s bounce of each other giving a great read.

“This guy. Can anyone figure this guy out? One minute he’s lecturing me, the next he’s pulling a John Wayne and carrying me out of the desert. It’s kind of exasperating. Maybe a little sexy, too.”

Being told in present then past format the chapters jump back from present time to memories of the night before it keeps you guessing and intrigued. Not only do the chapters do that but they are also told in the two different points of view which allows you to get to know and understand the characters better. It certainly had me crushing on Nate as I got to know him and it had me wishing I could actually spend a weekend in Vegas with Julia and her friends as I think I would have the time of my life. Overall it is a great light fun read that is still both sexy and silly that also manages to give you a great escape from the real world.