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Review : Giving in to You by L.M. Carr


Mia - Second grade teacher that loves her job , plus spending time with her friends this was her life and never expecting anything out of life, because she felt that she didn't deserve it, all because of something that happens in her life that changed it in one night.  Then she meets a father of one of her students and things start to change.

Adam - wants a change in his life so he picks up his Daughter and moves to start a new life with just her and work that takes up his time.  Then he meets Mia and things start changing.

What these two didn't think would happen, is life changing for both of them.  BAM!!!!  The adventure starts with suspense that keeps you on the edge of chair or couch or where ever your favorite reading spot is, what is going to happen next?

If you don't like cliff  hangers this is not for you, but you might want to try it you fall in love with Mia and Adam, they take a hold of you and won't let go.

Can't wait for the next one to start. 

REVIEWED BY : Connie Ashworth