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Review : Glass Ceilings by A.M. Madden

*** ARC provided for Honest Review ***

Let me start by saying don't  judge a book by its cover . I was a little apprehensive about reading Glass Ceilings by A.M. Madden , but I am so glad I did . Every chapter , every minute , I fell in love with it . It has what every book lover looks for , Love , Romance , Laughs , Sex , Friendships , Tears , Secrets , Mystery , Murders ok I could go on and on .

I loved that it was written in Nick's POV and that we get glances into Angela's past thru her POV . This book will suck you in right from the start.

The characters are very well written and funny , and it made me want to go hang out with them . 

I love second chance romance and this is one of my top favorite , from the very beginning you see their connection and see that they are meant to be together . But things don't always work out as we plan them . 

I started getting mad at Angela but then when you find out her reasons you get to feel bad for her and get a little mad at Nick . This is a very beautiful love story and a must read for sure . And I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this Author.