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Review : Good Girl by Lauren Layne

*** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ***

Writing : sweet , romance , sarcastic 
Violence : sexual content 
Narrative : alternative  

Good Girl , is the latest release by Lauren Layne . I can honestly say I enjoyed the second book in the Love Unexpectedly series . This book did not disappoint . Lauren was able to keep up the banter from the characters , even the supporting characters ,  up throughout this whole book . I loved watching the friendships , even the parts with their furry pets . 

Jenny was a great character , she held her own . It took me just one page to get hooked . I liked her character . I related to her , how she had everything she wanted , but somewhere inside she knew she was missing something , missing something of herself . People saw her as the platinum recording artist , and forgot about who she is . Jenny , even with the music career , fame , and money - she was a small town girl who left Tennessee for her love of music . 

Everything for her lately has been going to hell . She takes it upon herself to get back to her roots , even if that means leaving L.A. to go to Louisiana . This is where Noah Maxwell comes in . And he becomes the one distraction she needs . But for him , she was the one thing he wasn’t expecting . Especially with his life crumbling around him , Noah finds himself not able to stay away from the musical princess even if he tries his hardest . However ,  staying away is somewhat hard to do , especially when Jenny happens to be the new tenant to his property , and he’s the caretaker . 

I smiled and laughed , through this whole book . There wasn’t anything in it I didn’t like . Good Girl , had me waiting and wanting to know the stories of everyone that was mentioned . I hope Lauren will be graciously writing the next book in the series . And I can’t wait to see who gets their happy ever after . 
I simply implore you to give this latest release a chance , because you will not be mistaken . I give Good Girl a big 5 stars .

Reviewed by Lindsey W. for B&B Book Blog