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Review : The Grind - The Vert Series Book Two by Kristen Kehoe

*ARC provided by the author for an honest review*

This was a fresh , new read for me .  This book had everything .  It dealt with very real issues people face everyday .  Just in this case , the main character Hunter , was in the public spotlight .  This book is written in a way every one can relate . 

The successful son , Hunter , who was an X Games champion in skateboarding dealing with personal issues that are beyond his control and money .  Money can't buy his way out of the cancer that grips his mother . He is at the top of his field when his mother gets very ill and he chooses to leave his success behind to flip houses and take care of his mom .  As the medical bills pile up , so does the stress of losing sponsorship's and the money that goes along with them . When Hunter shows up to the job site of a new house he bought to flip , one Isabel Rojas is there , smart mouthed and sassy ! 

Hunter can't take his eyes off of Isa as she is the most beautiful woman he has seen .  Hunter has had his share of women while skateboarding , but there is something about the sharp tongued Isa that has him wanting more from her than to work on the job . 

Isa is sick of being ordered by men that think they know better .  She is a very strong , independent , self assured woman that makes very clear she can do anything a man can do and calls out anyone who is wrong .  I love this about her . The attraction between Hunter and Isa cannot be denied .  Will they end up together or ripping each other's heads off ?  Things are not always as they appear .

This was a fun book to read .  It was my first skateboarding romance book and I really enjoyed the back story .  The character development was very good .  I found myself laughing at some of the sharp wit that Isa had .  If you are looking for something different to read , this is the book for you . 

4 Stars

Reviewed by : Jennifer M.