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Review : Heart Breaker by Erin McCarthy


I loved Erin McCarthy’s storytelling ,  I have been a fan of hers for a long time.  

This is a story of second chance love and with that you know right away you’re going to have all those emotions and past hurts to get through before the second chance can truly begin. 

Jolene Hart , I loved this character and I am going to tell you why. She has not had the privilege many take for granted. There were many nights her family went to bed hungry. She grew up not taking anything for granted.  Singing was her way out of that. And she ended up becoming a Duet with Chance Rivers. Only it was so much more until it wasn’t. 

She could have let the fame and  fortune go to her head but she didn’t. She is respectful of the business because without it she wouldn’t be where she is today. She is gracious to her fans and the media to a fault sometimes. 

Chance is more on the cautious side of things.  He grew up with a famous dad and he knows how the media can get all up in your business so he doesn’t want that for himself.

I really wasn’t a fan of his at the beginning of the book. I thought he was a horse’s patoot. But as you get to know him you understand where he was coming from.  I like that he didn’t hold back the second time. He was letting it all hang out and letting the chips fall where they may.  He is very head strong and doesn’t back down. I also want to say a little grumpy. 

“I’m trying to push you into the pound, but apparently arrogance is heavier than anger.  Can’t get your stubborn --- to move.”

- That quote says it all…

Watching these two find each other again is not only sweet and hopeful , it’s funny and witty. Sure they had to go through some hurt to get there , but it made it worth it in the end. It made them stronger for it. Communication is key and without it that’s when all the drama happens. This book was a learning process and a wild ride of ups and downs , fun and laughter. 

I leave you with this final quote. 

“There’s just something about us , you know. We’re explosive together.”