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Review : Her Best Friend's Lover by Shiloh Walker

*** ARC Provided by Author for Honest Review ***

If you are a fan of Best Friends to lovers books , then this is a great read for you . The idea for this book was amazing . It had all the things to make it amazing and a 5 star read but unfortunately it just fell a little short for me. It was a moving story about falling in love with your best friend and knowing you can't have him . But when Lauren finally gets the chance to be with Dale it is less than perfect .

1st he is drunk 
2nd he calls her by his Ex name 
3rd he is still in love with Ex

To top it off he can't remember anything from that night . His opinion of her does change and he suddenly sees her as a woman and wants everything with her . But he can't help thinking about the one girl he thinks might be a dream .

I really did like this whole idea and story but I did get confused at some points . It has great Sex Scenes , Tears Moments .

This book in particular was an ok read for me but does have me looking forward to more from Shiloh Walker as the writing and flow of the book was good .

4 stars 

Reviewed By : Deanne C.