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Review : His to Love by Stacey Lynn

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

Ten years ago Tyson Blackwell thought he had it all……… a girlfriend whom he loved and dreams of playing in the NFL…….. But that wasn’t meant to be. 

When Gabriella ‘Blue’ Galecki, the daughter of a Mafia boss, disappeared on him one night, without even a goodbye or explanation, he never understood why or what happened to her. 

During that ten years he never stopped thinking of her, even when his father, a respected police officer was killed by an associate of Blue’s father. When his dreams of becoming a pro footballer were also crushed, he joined the F.B.I. with one thought on his mind……….. revenge.

Gabriella had spent the last ten years believing that Tyson had used her to get information to feed to his father about her family. Or that’s what her father made her believe………. So he shipped her off to her aunt’s goat farm in Colorado. 

Ten years later, Tyson is handed a file, one that reminds him of the only girl he has ever loved. Gabriella has been summoned home by her father and the F.B.I. want to know why, which is where Tyson comes into it.

The storyline starts out great, but then becomes a bit predictable. What I loved about it was that just when you thought it was going to be the same old boring story, Stacey throws in some twists and turns that you don’t see coming. I really do enjoy reading those kinds of books, especially when they have the ability to snap you out of your daydream with a WOW moment.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to read an explosive story about two people from different worlds finding, losing and re-finding love. A lot of emotion went into writing this book and it was a great read, one I would be happy to recommend.

This is a four-star (4.0) rating from me

Reviewed by : Stacey J