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Review : Hold You Against Me by Skye Warren

***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review***

Wow ! Where to begin ! Skye Warren in on fire with her latest book , Hold You Against Me . I had read the prequel a while back for this book and I'm glad I did . It's not necessary , but it does provide some of the backstory you will want to know going into this book otherwise you will be questioning a few things .

Clara and her sister Honor escaped the Mafia family many years prior in order to have a fresh chance to live the lives they have always wanted , not what they were bred to do .  Honor has a husband and baby on the way . Clara went to college and studied art and loved it . They are both living the life they wanted , except for Clara's one missing piece , Gio . The boy she fell in love with so many years ago .

Giovanni was the son of a foot soldier and thought to be dead for helping Clara and Honor escape years ago . What everyone didn't know is his torture for three months made him stronger than ever .  The knowledge he gained during his time in captivity along with the knowledge gained in secret meetings gave him the upper hand . Gio soon finds himself in charge of the Vegas mafia .  The only thing that will seal his level of power is to marry the birthright heir to the mafia , Clara .

Clara is drugged and kidnapped . Her life turning upside down in a matter of minutes . She is brought back to the place she grew up to do what she was bred for , to be a mafia boss' wife . The next few days at the mansion is a whirlwind of parties and getting to know the man now in charge .  He is not the boy she left years ago .

Will their past love be enough to sustain their present day Union ? Will their enemies succeed in tearing them apart ? This is a modern day mafia love story .

This is a story with twists and turns I didn't see coming .  It had me turning page after page , non stop . I could not put this book down . Ms . Warren has a tremendous story telling ability and I would not hesitate to recommend this book to anyone !

5 Stars

Reviewed by : Jennifer M.