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Review : Hustler by Meghan Quinn & Jessica Prince


I FLOVED this book, there is no way I could give it anything other than 5 amazing stars. This was a brilliant book from start to finish with lots of witty interactions, feistiness, sexual tension and plenty of heat. I really can’t think of anything I didn’t like about this book. So, that being said – GO READ IT! NOW!

When the first few sentences have you laughing out loud while describing a sexual interaction you just know that you’re going to enjoy the book. The characters are all amazingly well written which means you get a feel that you are reading about what could be your  own group of friends (should they be rich and/or beautiful).

The sexual tension and feisty banter between Penelope Prescott and Gavin Saint jumps from the page and you can’t help but read it with either a smirk on your face or flat out laughter. The banter between them was so well written and consistent with the edge of heat that you couldn’t wait to read their next encounter just so you can enjoy what unfolds. Penny has a body to die for and a sassy personality to match that Gavin can’t help but be intrigued and turned on by. Being a devilishly handsome and cocky poker player Gavin is the undisputed player on or off the poker table and has no qualms about his reputation. He has no intention of changing his behavior even if his life has been missing some spark or challenge of late it is what it is and he has a better life than most. However, when he spots Penelope the excitement in him is set alight, even more so when he actually is beside her. Not the only one affected, Penelope finds herself giddy with lust and need when in Gavin’s presence too.

“At my sarcastic remark, something on his face changes. The blank, emotionless demeanor shifts away as his lips spread into a perfectly straight, white smile. It takes his already handsome face and bumps it up a thousand notches. With just one smile he went from a hot to panty drenching gorgeous.”

Gavin is the best a reading people and it takes only minutes before he knows everything he wants to about a person but Penelope isn’t like everyone else for him and he can’t quite get a read on what is behind that wall she has erected. It is not long before he realises that she is different than other women and has him behaving in a way he hasn’t needed to before but that isn’t to say he doesn’t enjoy the chase. Usually a one time deal with any woman Gavin isn’t quite satisfied with that when it comes to Penelope although he is not quite sure what will satisfy him when it comes to her as all these feelings are new to him. There is only so long that Penelope can keep Gavin at bay as she is insanely attracted to him but she refuses to let him in because she knows that someone like him can break a girls’ heart so easily.

“It has always been a game to me, one I win at every time. But with Penelope, I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. This is no game, this is a f**** challenge I have to overcome. This is war and she’s putting up one epic battle. For Christ’s sake, I’ve already had her and still begging for more. That has to stand for something, right?”

Honestly I loved this book and haven’t enjoyed a book as much as this for a while. The sarcastic humor throughout was hilarious and I lost count on the strange looks I got while reading in public as I laughed out loud. I don’t think the smile left my face from start to finish and as soon as I did finish I was already craving more about the other characters in the book. All the cast were funny and sarcastic as well as loyal and supportive to one another and I will be devastated if there is not a book about Page and Graham as you can already see that Page is also hilarious which will undoubtedly lead to great reading. I can’t recommend this book enough as what’s not to like about a strong sassy female lead coming up against a cocky but sexy male lead with a dirty mouth. The heat between them was palpable leading to steamy sex scenes between that ignited the page. My parting words have to be – please read this book, you won’t be disappointed