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Review : Jersey Girl by Rhonda James

***ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***

This is a very well written contemporary sports romance with a HEA . I am just getting back into the sports romance genre and I have to say , I have missed out on a lot . This is quickly becoming one of my favorite genres , and Rhonda James is helping to foster this love . 

Brantley Cage is a standout hockey star at Great Lakes University . His best friend , Scotty , is also on the team . Their dreams are the same , make it to the pros . 

Enter Cassie , Scotty's younger sister who transfers to Great Lakes University to be near her big brother and salvage their relationship before he goes on to the pros . 

Cassie and Brantley hit it off and become fast friends . Brantley isn't looking for romantic entanglements his last year of college . Cassie is only a sophomore but they just click . 

We see this story blossom from friendship into much , much more . 

I will readily admit that this book made me laugh , cry , and want to throw my kindle across the room . You will need to have the tissues handy for this book . Rhonda James does an excellent job of making you feel emotions . This was a story easily gotten into . There was a scene that was very difficult in the book , but keep going . I promise you won't regret it . As stated above , it is a HEA .