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Review : Lake of Dreams by Linda Howard


I am not much of a reader of novellas and this is what this book is. It’s a short quick read with mystery and intrigue and I give it 3.5 stars. This is a re release of a book printed 20 years ago but it is now made available in the ebook format. 

It was quite difficult to grasp what was going on to begin with as I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a paranormal book, mystery or romance but found it was a bit of all that. It was definitely not something I hadn’t read before.

Haunted by a man who comes to visit her in her dreams every night sometimes making love to her which she might be able to cope with but there are nights when he also kills her. Those are the dreams that really haunt her. These dreams are so vivid and realistic that she wonders if they are real. Unable to cope with her daily life due to exhaustion and fear Thea decides to spend time at her family lake house only this is where she meets the man in her dreams.

The instant chemistry, connection and feelings between Thea and Richard are of course slightly mediated by the fact it’s a novella. There are also twists that I really wanted to be explained more in depth but this is a quick read. Unfortunately I struggled slightly to get into the third person point of you but I only think that is because the majority of books I have read of late have been in first person POV which can sometimes make you connect a bit better with the character. 

Quite a good, short story which I think is a great way of introducing you into a new author and quite a novel idea as well. As I’ve said it’s a bit of a few different genres rolled into one so definitely intriguing. I would have happily read more of this story too.

Reviewed by Louise G.