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Review : Missed Connections by Tamara Mataya


I was expecting so much more to this book. I mean, I think the actual connection was missing. I feel like it was too focused on Sarah's job and her bosses taking advantage of her. The beginning was so slow.  I started getting more into it at about half way.

Sarah wanted Jack but would only focus on his faults and look down on him like he was beneath her. I mean she complained about him being a DJ partying and not growing up. But all she does is complain and work as receptionist for a spa. I just wanted to shake her and say GET A LIFE. But I did like her romantic side as I am a romantic myself. The whole missed connection thing I did like.

Jack wanted to be with Sarah and he decided to show her who he really was. The true him and show her that they had a true connection if she just allowed him to be with her.

Sarah spends her nights cruising Craigslist personal ads, dreaming of finding a romantic entry all about her. She knows who she wants, but best friend and regular hookup Jack is not the serious commitment type. Sarah's stung feelings are soothed when she begins an online-only relationship, but there's only so much of Sarah to go around. Torn between the bad boy she can't keep and the sensitive stranger who bares his soul online, her heart and body are in two very different relationships… or are they?