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Review : Monday by E.L. Todd

***Arc provided by the author for an honest review***

Writing: emotional, riveting
Violence: minimum 
 Sex:  romantically (some)
 Narrative: Alternating (girl/guy)

 I know you probably are familiar with E.L. Todd’s teaser for Monday. Yes, I was one of the people who one clicked the teaser she had free.  It gave you a snippet of Francesca and Hawke. It had me wanting more. Furthermore, when I got the whole Monday, I was not disappointed.  Hawke and Francesca’s story had me captivated from the first time she saw his blue eyes, to him wanting her muffins.  

 Hawke and Francesca are like any two people who find each other in this world. Ones you would never think about, or think you have a chance with. Francesca works at a coffee shop, one that Hawke comes to every week. A simple black coffee for a not so simple man. It takes Francesca some time to get the courage to ask him on a date.  However, when he accepts, they realize they have a connection not mainly have in this lifetime. Nevertheless, for Hawke, having something in his life isn’t always the best for him. 

Through his lifetime, Hawke has had one simple rule, no relationships. Not getting attached to anyone, getting out before it gets serious. Besides, for him, a relationship with Francesca would not work. But for Francesca she was never the one growing up having someone to tell her what she can and can’t do.  If that means a friendship is all she can have from Hawke then she will take it. She rather have him in one way then never to have him in her life. 

Hawke and Francesca’s will have you living vicariously through their emotional scars they had to face in their childhood, to the ones they have to deal with in their grown up lives. Francesca and Hawke have many challenges they overcome, and you will not want to put this book down. Because where Monday ends, Tuesday begins. Tuesday by E. L. Todd continues the story of Francesca and Hawke. 

 I hope you will enjoy Monday, as I have. I give it 4.5 stars. You will not be disappointed, please check out Monday by E.L Todd, for I thoroughly enjoyed Francesca and Hawke’s love story.

 Reviewed by Lindsey W. for B&B Book Blog